Talking Stress Relievers

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Safety Talking Stress Item
Promote an awareness of safety with Printed Safety Talking Stress Items.
from $7.05 to $5.84 ea
100 min qty
Take It Easy Talking Stress Item
Choose Printed Take It Easy Talking Stress Items for a no-stress marketing campaign.
from $7.21 to $5.99 ea
100 min qty
Laughing Head Stress Item
Lighten up the mood with Printed Laughing Head Stress Items.
from $7.35 to $6.13 ea
100 min qty
Feel Great Talking Stress Item
Turn heads with Printed Feel Great Talking Stress Items.
from $7.47 to $6.23 ea
100 min qty

Branded stress toys that talk are novelty stress relievers which no new or existing business should be without. We stock a selection of fun, amusing stress toys which actually give you a motivational, uplifting speech or laugh when you squeeze them! The perfect gift for customers, employees, or for gift shops to sell, they are guaranteed to make your customers smile.

Why not bring a little fun to your promotional campaign and gift a talking squeezy toy to your entire client base? We stock several different stress reliever designs to suit your business from a talking head, a safety first reliever, to a laughing head stress toy. It’s easy to lighten the mood in the office when you squeeze a stress reliever and hear the sound of hysterical laughter! These promotional toys are made from polyurethane, meaning they’re durable and versatile and will last longer than your average advertising campaign. Some toys feature coloured feathered hair and a face which will always make you grin.

Our branded novelty stress relievers don’t just make you feel good, they can also effectively promote your business. Consider popping them into a gift bag at an exhibition, trade show or charity event and enjoy seeing happy faces. Each toy can be custom designed with your brand name, logo and even an inspirational message. They are popular to sell in gift shops, for fairgrounds and theme parks, for charity day giveaways and to relieve stress before exams or in the office.

Our talking stress relievers coming in a multitude of colours, shapes are available to order in quantities of 100 up to 5000 or more depending on the size of your marketing campaign. They are a fun, funky way to entertain customers, lift morale in the workplace and will definitely make everyone smile.