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Stress Ball Small Dice
Stress Ball Small Dices can reduce the stress of a busy work day while promoting your business at the same time
Star Paper Clip Holder Corporate Stress Ball
Star Paper Clip Holder Corporate Stress Balls can be custom imprinted to showcase your logo! Premium quality
Star Custom Stress Reliever
Star Custom Stress Relievers are fun promotional stress shapes that can be effective in promoting your business
Bowling Pin Stressball
Bowling Pin Stressballs are great party favours and can be customized with your business logo for promotional use
Anti Stress Ball T Shirt
Anti Stress Ball T Shirts can reduce stress levels while promoting your business at the same time
Stress Ball Musical Note
Stress Ball Musical Notes are high quality promo tools that are perfect for give aways
Aussie Map Stress Ball
Aussie Map Stress Balls can be customized with your business logo printed directly onto the front of the Australia shape
Anti Stress Ball Pyramid
Anti Stress Ball Pyramids have a huge range of colours making them perfect for company colour matching
Stress Ball Badge
Stress Ball Badges have a fun police style badge and can be labeled with your business details
Anti Stress Ball @ Symbol
Anti Stress Ball @ Symbols are great for internet businesses and any company who are looking for a fun promotional tool
Stop Sign Stress Ball
Stop Sign Stress Balls are fun corporate give away promotional tools that can be used to advertise your business at parties
Shoes Stress Ball
Shoes Stress Balls are the perfect promotional product for active business professionals and can also reduce stress
Mouse Custom Stress Toy
Mouse Custom Stress Toys are a great value promotional product that can be personalised to meet your corporate needs.
Dumbell Stress Ball
Dumbell Stress Balls are great promotional desk accessories that your company can use to promote your business
Hot Air Balloon Anti Stress Ball
Hot Air Balloon Anti Stress Balls are fun promotional products that any company can use to promote and advertise with
Flower Stress Ball
Flower Stress Balls make great stocking stuffers and the cheap price tag makes them perfect for merchandising
Oil Drum Stress Ball
Oil Drum Stress Balls are made from premium PU materials that is soft in your hands and will reduce stress
Coloured Cube Stress Ball
Coloured Cube Stress Balls are made from a soft PU material and can be used as a fun corporate desk accessory
Round Cube Stress Ball
Round Cube Stress Shapes can be custom printed with your company information and are available in a variety of colours
Water Drop Stress Ball
Water Drop Stress Balls are perfect for water related businesses and can be custom printed
Traffic Light Stress Ball
Traffic Light Stress Balls are available in large order quantities at a cheap price making them great for give aways
Gas Bottle Anti Stress Ball
Gas Bottle Anti Stress Balls are available in order quantities of 200 making them perfect for mass marketing campaigns
Photocopier Stressball
Photocopier Stressballs make excellent stocking stuffers for your co workers and clients
Pink Ribbon
Pink Ribbon stress relievers are popular promotional giveaways.
Daisy stress toys will bring a smile to your face
Seashell Stress Reliever
Seashell Stress Relievers will fool you as they are so realistic.
Number One anti stress toys are perfect for all types of promotions
Dice Promotional Stress Ball
Customised Dice Promotional Stress Balls are fun and novel promo giveaways.
Propane Tank
Propane Tank stress relievers are shaped like a mini propane gas cylinder
Newspaper stress balls are popular marketing products
Shopping Bag
Shopping Bag stress anti stress shapes make great custom gift products
Musical Note
Musical Note stress balls are a squeezable polyurethane
Blue Ribbon
Blue Ribbon soft squeeze toys will take first place in your promotional campaign
Computer stress shapes are great for corporate functions.
Music Note
Music Note stress shapes are supplied in gold.
Flip Flop
Flip Flops are novelty designed anti stress toys that make great marketing gifts
Life Preserver
Life Preservers are custom printed stress toys for you
Drum stress toys are excellent for promoting music in schools.
King Chess Piece
King Chess Piece are stress toys that are effective sales tools
Knight Chess Piece
Knight Chess Piece stress relievers will help promote your brand
Pawn Chess Piece
Pawn Chess Piece stress shapes make outstanding marketing tools
Surfboard stress relievers can help you ride the wave of success
Gemstone stress shapes create great impact for jewelry stores
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower stress shapes are perfect for showcasing your logo
Floating Cloud
Clouds are ultra soft polyurethane promotional stress tools
Pyramid stress toys are fun and inexpensive giveaways.
Trophy stress shapes are great for promoting any business
Oil Rig
Oil Rig anti stress toys provide stress relief when you need it
Laptop stress balls are manufactured from polyurethane.
File Box
File Box anti stress toys make excellent custom print gift ideas
Coloured Block Stress Balls
Coloured Block Stress Balls are perfectly suited to any company and can make fun stocking stuffers
Jigsaw Stressball
Jigsaw Stressballs can be personalized to suit any business with your company logo
Easter Island Mask
Easter Island anti stress toys are sized 10cms tall
Light House
Light House stress balls are novelty promotional items
Piano stress relievers can be custom printed with your business details.
Shipping Crate
Shipping Crate stress toys will attract attention to your company
Saxophone stress balls are creative for promotional use.
Microphone stress toys are economical and novel.
Movie Reel
Movie Reel stress shapes are a great promotional tool.
Electric Guitar
Guitar stress toys are popular in the music industry.
Justice Gavel
Gavel stress relievers can be used as fun desk accessories
Desert Island
Desert Island stress relievers pack a lot of character

Custom Stress Toys include food stress toys, office stress toys and note holder stress shapes. All of these high quality stress shapes will help you relieve stress during a long hard day and each of these prime stress shapes will also provide enough room to effectively market your company brand. But these stress toys are better than your average promotional items because of their dual functionality and unique designs. Many of these custom stress toys can hold different items or objects. Note Holder Stress Balls come in standard ball form but will hold your important notes and memos.

Food stress balls might best be used by different types of food vendors, depending on what is being made. Bakeries could hand out donut and bread-shaped stress balls with every purchase. Milk bars could do the same with the classic hamburger stress balls and hotdog stress balls. The House Marketing Stress Ball comes in a regular house shape and a house shape that can hold notes and memos, giving them a dual functionality. The house stress balls are ideal for companies that deal in home sales and home loans.

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