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8 May, 2019

5 Fun Facts You Should Know About Stress Balls

These fun-sized rubber balls can be seen everywhere. I'm sure you have one sitting on your desk right now, or you've seen one on an office table across you. For numerous reasons, including its many health benefits Stress Balls are considered as a necessary accessory across the world.

Stress Balls are designed to help alleviate stress, and minimise stress for you to be less tense. But that's not all - here are 5 Fun Facts you should know about Stress Balls.

  1. Enhance blood circulation
    There are many ways to increase the flow of blood in your body to ensure good circulation. A few quick squeezes of a stress ball releases tension which helps in improving blood circulation to the hands and is a great way of rejuvenating tired hands. Try it now!

  2. Increase in concentration and mental strength
    These stress balls have a calming effect that fosters relaxation. Regular use of a stress ball will help you to find the clarity of the mind, as your focus is directed towards the act of squeezing the ball which then relaxes the mind and diverts it from stressful activities.

  3. 100% safe and non-toxic
    Stress balls are 100% safe to use and non-toxic, they are made from high-density foam, soft rubber, or squeezable polyurethane.

  4. Hundreds of designs to choose from
    As the name suggests, these palm-sized malleable toys aren’t always spherical. Novelty Stress Balls come in different shapes and sizes.   (Yes, that's right. There are hundreds of characters and special designs that you can choose from.)

    Beach Ball Stress ToysYin and Yang Stress BallFire Hydrant Stress Toy

  5. Easily customise your own promotional gift
    We have a competitive array of Novelty Stress ball designs that are priced affordably and ideally suited for a variety of promotional marketing activities. Stress balls are easily customisable; they can be manufactured according to different size specifications and can be imprinted with your own logo. Make it even more personal by adding texts to increase your marketing efforts!

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The Stress Balls Only Team