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22 June, 2022

Body Stress Shapes For Doctors

If you want something a little out of the left field to promote your medical centre, why not try using stress balls in the shapes of body parts and organs. It is a much less intimidating way to explain to patients what is happening to a certain part of their body and you can then let them take it home with them. It might sound a little strange, but it allows them to take something home that is relevant while promoting your medical centre to them for future visits. There are lots of different shapes out there to cover almost anything.

1. Brain

The Brain
The Brain Stress Toy

This has always been a popular one. A brain stress shape can be printed across the top seam and you have a huge range of colours you can pick from. The most popular is the greyish colour and with a black print, it stands right out. Perfect to hold in the hand, you could hand these out as a keepsake after someone visits your practice and they can then use them to reduce stress when it occurs. A simple squeeze now and then is all they need to do.

2. Backbone

Back Bone
Backbone Stress Shape

Great for doctors and also chiropractors, you can show people a part of the spine and explain to them what these issues are. It is great for a visual, but also it is something you can offer them to keep for later on. They have a great print area on the back that can easily advertise your medical centre or health clinic. They are small enough to hold in your hand and squeeze and allow clients to relax a little while you are explaining what is happening to their bodies.

3. Heart

Anatomic Heart with Veins
Heart Stress Toy

These are perfect for heart specialists. Although they are not super detailed, it gives people an understanding of the heart and aortas. This one even comes with veins on the bottom to make it more realistic. You can still show patients a detailed diagram to explain what is happening to their heart, or perhaps to explain the medical procedure you want to do, but these are a perfect add-on. After explaining everything, you could give the patient one of these stressed shaped hearts as something they can take home. It could help them explain things more easily to other family members and for them, they now have a stress reliever they can use any time throughout the day.

4. Lung

Lung Stress Shape

Another specialty shape is the lung. There are many types of organs you can get besides these. Some include the stomach and liver and they can all be branded. Add the logo and contact details of your medical practice and then hand them out to clients either when they arrive or as they leave. They are a quirky promotional gift item that will advertise your business effectively while giving your patients something they can use on any given day when they are feeling stressed out.

There are other fun shapes such as an ear, tooth, bone, vertebrae, nose, platelet, breast stress shapes and more. Any of them would be suitable for a medical practice. Perhaps get a range of them so you can give patients something relevant to their condition. They are an item that may just break the mood slightly if things are sombre. Why not try them and see for yourself how effective they could be.

The Stress Balls Only Team