Heart Stress Balls

Another great option in promotional stress toys are our heart stress balls in a bright red colour and made from PU material, these custom stress shapes are bound to please when clients are offered them as stress toys for their pleasure. Although they are a simple idea, heart stress balls can be very effective in a marketing campaign for things like heart health awareness or other medical themed promotions

If you like our heart stress balls and are looking for body parts or medical themed stress toys, you could look at our brain stress reliever or if you are looking for something dental, our tooth stress balls have proven to be a big hit. We’ve also got bone and foot shaped stress relievers that can all have some relevance to a medical promotional campaign and we can custom print any of our stress toys with your logo.

Perhaps you are looking to offer a more substantial promotional merchandise item. Have you considered branded sports bags as an option? It’s a great way to promote yourself while still offering a quality promotional product to your clients.

21 March, 2011

The Stress Balls Only Team