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14 April, 2022

Relieve Stress In The Office With These Stress Shape Ideas

We don’t want to make this sound scary but did you know on average we spend a little over 2,000 hours every year in front of a computer and keyboard. If you work that out over a year, it means we spend close to a quarter of our time at a keyboard. This is based on someone doing a 40 hour week in an office, but if you also add the time you spend at the home computer as well, this number gets even higher.

This adds up to an incredible amount of time typing away each day. All of this adds to stress on your fingers and wrists. One way to help relieve the strain is through taking small breaks and using a stress shape to squeeze with your hands. We thought we’d list some of the more popular shapes to be used in the office

1. Stress BallYes, we know people are going to say, “boring”, but the fact of the matter is a stress ball is still the most ergonomic shape to squeeze to get all the fingers activated. Plus they are available in a huge amount of colours, so they are easy to match to your corporate colour.

2. Mood Stress Balls: These are fun because not only can people squeeze them to help release tension in the fingers and wrist, but they change colour based on the warmth of a person’s hand. So not only are they good for the hands, they give a break to the brain as well.

3. Talking Stress ShapesThese are fun! Not only do they allow employees to squeeze them for stress relief of their muscles, but you also have some very amusing character shapes to look at while on the desk, plus they talk when squeezed. They have sayings such as “Take It Easy”, “Don’t Stress”, “Relax! Calm Down” and many others.

4. Photocopier Stress ShapeThese are fun and quirky shape. It says a little something about the office while still giving people a break from typing to have a squeeze.

5. Word Stress ShapesThese are great for affirmations to staff. Also, they tend to be thinner and longer so they work different muscles to the traditional stress ball. You can have words such as “Awesome”, “Fantastic”, “Wow” and many more. They tend to work more muscles in your wrist and are perfect for a break from typing to ease those aching fingers.

6. Memo HoldersThese are both a stress shape and useful to hold memos or reminders for appointments or other notes you need to keep handy. Numerous shapes to choose from and with a company logo branded on the side, it is a constant reminder to the person of your business.

7. Laptop Stress ShapeAnother great office themed stress shape is the laptop. They are manufactured from the same polypropylene material as others and being slightly larger and an awkward shape to grip, it ensures you are using all your muscle groups in your hand to relieve them from the repetitive nature of typing

All of the above are just some of the shapes you can use when in front of a computer and need to stretch or use your hand muscles in a different way. If you would like help in choosing a stress shape that would work for your office, give us a call or send us an email and we’d love to discuss options with you.

The Stress Balls Only Team