Squeeze Your Stress Away With These

Stress balls originated in Heibei, China in 1368 A.D. Even then people knew there should be a way to relieve stress through the use of hands. But instead of calling them stress balls, they would call them Baoding balls or Chinese health balls. They used to be made out of solid metal, but nowadays they are made out of polyurethane

Stress balls relieve tension in the brain and hand. When repeatedly squeezing a stress ball, it helps you to relax. They are very popular in stressful environments such as office areas, classrooms, team buildings and hospitals.

In therapy sessions, stress balls are recommended for those who suffer from arthritic hands, stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. So if you are suffering from a lot of stress, you definitely need our stress balls! It is extremely beneficial, effective and convenient to have with you everywhere you go. Order our brilliantly custom designed stress balls today!

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23 June, 2015

The Stress Balls Only Team